Hottie of the Week: Kelly Bachman and the Band of Harvey Weinstein Adversaries

Certifiable Hotties ™ aren’t just people who rebound well after a breakup, clap back at mansplainers on twitter, or interrupt a Chanel fashion show. Being a Hottie ™ is about facing your fears and the judgement of others in order to stand up for what’s right. That’s why this week’s HOTW is Kelly Bachman—the comedian who, before starting a stand up set, confronted Harvey Weinstein at an NYC comedy show. 

As a little refresher, Harvey Weinstein is the Hollywood film producer who has been accused of sexual harassment, assault, and rape by more than 100 women. This January he will face seven felony charges, all of which he has pled not guilty. Weinstein’s wikipedia page has since been updated to “former film producer” which is industry speak for “very much dead.” But like every violent, toxic, narcissistic man unable to feel remorse for the havoc he has wreaked, Weinstein has dared to show his face at a handful of events over the past two years. Most recently was this week at “Actor’s Hour,” a comedy show for young artists in NYC. 

Weinstein and his soulless posse of rapist sympathizers were tucked in a VIP (very important pervert) booth in the back of the venue, but stuck out like sore thumbs if sore thumbs sexually assaulted and raped 100 different people. The first performer to take the stage, Kelly Bachman, polled her instagram following prior to her set: “performing stand-up on a show and Harvey Weinstein is visibly watching. What do I talk about?”  

A rape survivor herself, Bachman dedicated the first couple of minutes of her set to calling out the “Freddy Krueger in the room.” Saying, “I didn’t know we had to bring our own mace and rape whistles to Actor’s Hour.” She was met with boos and chants to stop, but she pressed on with the set she had originally intended on performing. So cool how people are desperate to forget about serial rapists when it gets in the way of them enjoy their night. After being kicked out of the venue for “heckling,”  Bachman told reporters that other performers encouraged her not to speak up;  to “not let him take this moment from her” and to “not jeopardize her career.” Actors were told by the venue to not mention Weinstein’s presence on stage.

It’s devastating that women, especially sexual trauma survivors, must relive their painful memories in excruciating frequency if they want a chance at receiving justice for what’s been done to them. According to RAINN, out of every 1000 instances of rape, only 13 cases get referred to a prosecutor, and only 7 cases will lead to a felony conviction. The louder a victim’s voice, the greater chance at seeing a conviction. Because of this unfair expectation that women must publicly recall their trauma day in and day out to be taken seriously, rapists like Harvey Weinstein are still walking the streets. And when members of our fucked up little society allow rapists to continue co-existing with non-rapists, survivors are bombarded with harrowing reminders of their suffering. 

Kelly Bachman had the intention of performing a stand up set at an event meant to support young artists and raise money for suicide prevention. But Weinstein’s predatory presence, especially considering his reputation for destroying the careers of his accusers, got in the way— an unsettling roadblock to the actors who were scheduled to perform. 

No one, especially a rape survivor, should have to make the impossibly tough decision between confronting an abuser or staying silent. Kelly Bachman had an opportunity unfairly ripped from her hands because she made the brave choice of speaking up and making Weinstein and other rape apologists feel “uncomfortable.” Apparently, if you can’t enjoy a drink next to a rapist at a comedy show, where can you??? 2019, man….

Cheers to Kelly Bachman and the women who bravely reminded Harvey Weinstein that we’ll never forget what an evil, small man he is. It’s a crushing, unfair cross to bear but the strength of her and women alike does not go unnoticed.

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